Tonight ! 📻

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Radio show without Cralias next month. Instead I’ll have two guestmixes!!! @norfikofficial and @citytronix are killing it rn so you better make sure you’re tuned in 🤘🤘🤘

Alec Pace on datafruits 11/12 - 13:00 PST - 16:00 EST - 21:00 UK - 11/13 - 06:00 日本

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Live on @datafruits this Saturday w/ @ktcaustic playing forms of music the likes of which you can shake your butt & other extremities to from 6-8pm PST

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I’m on @datafruits rn hi

Poolwater - Work That (Tchan remix)
out now at
#acid #acidhouse #ghettotech #160 #electro #detroit #chicago #seattle #tokyo #ourhouse #イラスト

SFW (SAFE FOR WORK, Seattle) live on Datafruits
w/NHK Guy, DJ Sword, Tru Gryt, Boaconstructor, & Umenos (Glyph SD)

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Chex Mix airs live at 10 ET / 9 CT every Tuesday night (that’s tonight)! Tune in on for fresh finds and stone-cold classics.

Thanks to @pearneylane for the design and @datafruits for the platform.

Well it’s that time of the year and it looks like there’s a Halloween party on here hop in 🎃🎃 👻🎩🌀

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I’m doing a Halloween Special Guest Mix as Malice Cat for @datafruits radio tomorrow at 8pm EST.

I’ll post the link on my bio when the broadcast starts~

Flyer by: @aangelwwings

‪datafruits番外編 ブギーアイドル 音楽より遠く(第11回) on datafruits 10/26 - 08:00 PST - 11:00 EST - 16:00 UK - 10/27 - 00:00 日本 #enka #演歌‬ #radio

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New stickers for the @datafruits patreon. Sign up before November to grab these bad bois

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This Thursday we’ll be celebrating our 1st Funiversary over on @datafruits with guest mixes from DJ Animebby & Lobsta B, hosted by DJ Fingerblast! 8PM BST

Live now !
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nu mix coming out on @it_xpo s’ Boom Boom Radio on @datafruits fm! 7PM! tune in for some deeep cutssszss

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catch me again tomorrow night on @datafruits .fm! going to play some spooky tunes to prepare for halloween 🦇

‪Good morning datafruits w/ ovenrake 🌄 10/19 - 08:00 PST - 11:00 EST - 16:00 UK - 10/20 - 00:00 日本‬

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Happy Hybrids tomorrow 10/13 6-8pm PST on @datafruits 👽

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Radio schedule
vibesmeme’s Fuck Real Life! Vol.8
Oct.14 14-17(JST)
URL: (tagged account)

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playing music tonight on @datafruits at 7pm PST :)

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catch me on @datafruits again this weekend - going to be playing a lot of fun music for this show!

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Live on @datafruits with djX, @mr_pool_water, and @snacks.tan!