WITOLD, founder of METEO prepared us a 30 minute fruity cocktail mix combining a great range of fruity sounds. It will premiere live on datafriuts.fm this Friday! While you get ready to listen to the mix, check out this short interview where I try to get the goos on this France/Switzerland based label/media site.

what is METEO and how did you start it?

METEO is a Geneva-based (primarily culture-based) information site created by journalist, producer and creative Witold Langlois in September 2016. Witold Langlois defines METEO as “a creative webmedia with variable geometry whose coherence resides through exposure and exploration of my passions ”. Its various sections are hosted on the appropriate social networks (Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook). Its content although very oriented to the current music also addresses cultural themes such as comics, japanese cartoons, fashion. Current societal issues are approached from a cultural perspective. Its editorial team is disseminated voluntarily in the 4 corners of France and French-speaking Switzerland. METEO is a creative and arty webmedia and constantly involves many emerging (or confirmed) talents to participate in its visual and sound dressings. METEO, in addition to its editorial content, produces its own projects and artistic creations. Many evenings are organized throughout the year to promote the new Francophone music scene (Various bars and clubs, La Bâtie Festival 2017, Montreux Jazz Festival 2018 …). What kind of music is on the compilation?

METEO DIC PROJECT is a compilation of some of the most interesting new producers of Francophone hybrid electronic music scenes (sometimes called post-internet for some (Moesha 13, MORSE) or Berite club music for others (Sunareht, De Grandi, Birol , Violeta West)) around unpublished remixes of credits and themes of cult animated series produced by the DIC (Diffusion Information Communication) of Jean Chalopin in the 80s. A great meeting between 2 pop-futuristic generations belonging to 2 different epochs. Dancefloors, experimental or contemplative, the pieces of the METEO DIC PROJECT form a true artistic coherence that pay tribute to the ten years of the end of the “acronym” D.I.C.

Tell us about the mix you prepared for datafruits.

I love Datafruits and have been listening to this webradio for a long time. My mix for you is a kind of big party cocktail with varied tastes, quiet and dancing summer bursts. A bit of France, Anglo-Saxon sounds and Japan (with Ken-U’s mash-up)! As I used to do in my mixes for more than 10 years, I like to mix novelties and so-called “serious” music with old or current ultra pop references. I am having fun dancing people on unknown titles and global successes. With me the underground meets MTV and the boulevard clips of the 90s of M6 … It’s a little messy sorry hahaha but listen, you’ll see it tastes great!

Anything else you’d like to say or shoutout?

The best djsets are the most uncomplete, the least monotonous. These are the ones that we directly detect the pleasure that took the DJ in realizing. I am a cultural journalist and crazy about music. Mixing and discovering sounds for informational purposes is cool but it’s the composition, the narration that makes the difference. Since very young, I started my mixes on K7 at the age of 6, then, teenager on MK2 Technics. The discovery of the Pioneer turntables was a revelation, a comfort ! It’s finish, no need to fight to stall his vinyls ! Pffiuu. I think that never using the SYNC function on Pioneer decks at all is like putting yourself in « manual-mode » on a Smart. WTF… Kiss Data F !

Mix will air on: 07/20 - 06:00 PST - 09:00 EST - 14:00 UK - 22:00 日本 http://www.datafruits.fm/shows/367075

Here are the goos addresses :






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djやると @fruits_kiki_jin とライブをやります!

Play-house vol. 4
高円寺 4th
harmful logic (Ireland)
Lowguyyy (OmanticRecords)
眼鏡™ (OmanticRecords)
Tatsuhiro Iida (INAGE)

wifi cellphone kidz

#acidhouse #house #trance #techno #trap #soundcloudrap #koenji #高円寺 (Koenji)

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90s kpop and jpop presented by @fruits_kiki_jin and @freedrull
listen at http://datafruits.fm/chat

‪07/21 - 22:00 PST - 07/22 - 01:00 EST - 06:00 UK - 14:00 日本 http://www.datafruits.fm/shows/367062‬
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On next months show on @datafruits (august 6th, 8pm gmt) I’ll have a guestmix from not only one of my favourite producer/vocalist/DJs but also one of my favourite human beings, the one and only @slowshudder. If you don’t tune in you’re a fool 🤷‍♀️.

tafka buddha (Seoul) bringing an hour of DNB on datafruits - 07/14 - 07:00 PST - 10:00 EST - 15:00 UK - 23:00 日本 datafruits.fm/shows/367065
flyer artwork by @zin_kiki


don’t miss ACED w/ fast ram

07/06 - 15:00 PST - 18:00 EST - 23:00 UK - 07/07 - 07:00 日本

Every first Friday of the month, fill your night with acid basslines to melt your brain, sent with love from Brooklyn, NY, USA.
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This weekend get double butter roomed 🍴 with @ben_franchuk
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This Saturday playing a guest mix from @dj.pigeon on @datafruits

@joreng_thericecake 07/05 - 05:00 PST - 08:00 EST - 13:00 UK - 21:00 KST

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@hyuga_731 Hyuga Daichi - hazard area EP

Out Monday - preorder available now

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boogie idol - datafruits番外編 ブギーアイドル 音楽より遠く(第8回) on datafruits - 06/29 - 06:00 PST - 09:00 EST - 14:00 UK - 22:00 日本 http://www.datafruits.fm/shows/361951

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Tonightwe have @fivexhotel rollin thru to play some tunes!!! Why dont u TUNE in @ 8 on @datafruits (Shouts to @red_door_what_for for collabing on this w me 💜💜)

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Midnight Club: Shibuya
6/22 Fri 21:00-5:00
TFC + Zeele + more mad DJ’s will be playing
Come thru to Shibuhouse, Shibuya or tune in to Datafruits.fm

Poster design by [][][{}{}CHLORINE and me

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boogie idol - datafruits番外編 ブギーアイドル 音楽より遠く(第7回) on datafruits - 06/09 - 08:00 PST - 11:00 EST - 16:00 UK - 06/10 - 00:00 日本 http://www.datafruits.fm/shows/361944

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Next month we’ll have the lovely DJ poodle emoji 🐩 (@cthemc) on the show. Super excited! Archive of the show with @prjctns should be up on @datafruits soundcloud soon ♥️

Yet another 🌄 Good Morning @datafruits happening at the end of the week on datafruits.fm ☁️

Watch live on datafruits.fm
☠️Midnight Club: Shibuya☠️
場所: 渋谷SHIBUHOUSE クヌギ
入場: 500yen
配信: datafruits.fm

Harmful Logic

Yung Tiger


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catch me on @datafruits with @cralias in a week.

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Boom Boom Radio returns this Monday (5/21) at 7 PM (CST) with its sixth installment!
This month I have guest Pacer (@dasani.boy) coming in with a mix as well!